Separating Fact from Fiction with the Acai Weight-loss Supplements

Today, the debate about the effectiveness of Acai in facilitating weight-loss continues to rage on. People appear split in half about this topic. One faction strongly vouches for the Acai-based supplements while the other begs to differ with their views and opinions. This article is here to shed some useful information about the products and its impact. A frequently asked question is should I use Acai berry pills for weight loss? The answer is both, yes and no. Continue reading this post and find out exactly why.

Losing weight with acai berry supplementAbout Acai
For thousands of years, the Amazonians have relied on the highly perishable product for various reasons. The natives believe it is ideal for boosting the immune system, fighting various infections, preventing heart-related anomalies. The fruit is also a natural aphrodisiac. It is also known to be a potent antioxidant capable of destroying toxic radicals in the bloodstream.

Powerful Antioxidant and Antiaging Agent
Acai remained foreign to the western world up to and until the 1990’s. The popularity of the berries in the U.S got a huge boost when the renowned weight-loss guru and talk show host Oprah Winfrey endorsed the remedy. As of 2016, millions of people have experimented with the various supplements available in the marketplace. A huge majority of them have succeeded in their endeavors, and they have the fruit to thank for giving them a second lease of life. In a statement published on her official website, Oprah Winfrey recanted her earlier statements and distanced herself from the Acai line of products.

Metabolism Booster
According to the individuals for the product, it works on the premise that it helps the body to burn fats more efficiently. It does that because it is rich in essential fatty acids, and it boasts of a high fiber content. Individuals on a diet containing Acai tend to have a higher metabolism rate, and this facilitates the hastened burning of the calories. As a result of this, they can keep their weights within recommended ranges.

According to
From a medical standpoint, however, yes, it is indeed true that the fruit has unique properties capable of helping the individual in their pursuits. For instance, it is ranked second after avocados in the list of fruits containing the beneficial monounsaturated fats (MUFA’s). MUFA’s are great when it comes to keeping hunger and the incessant food cravings to at bay. For the berries to work as expected, however, the individual would have to consume a large number of Acai berries which is impossible. It’s impossible because, for one, they are very expensive. What’s more such a large intake would result in their accumulation in our bodies which is a bad thing.

In Conclusion
Today, various food safety watchdogs continue to issue stern warnings on the wanton use of the different supplements. The safety body known as theFDA is yet to approve any of these Acai-based supplements as well. According to and, the natural Acai ought to be viewed as just another fruit. Yes, it is capable of helping people lose weight but for guaranteed positive results, the individual should adopt a holistic weight-loss regimen and stick to it permanently. They should strive to exercise regularly, adopt healthier lifestyles and eat the proper diets containing nutritious fruits like the Acai. Hopefully, the article has satisfactorily answered the question: Should I use Acai berry pills for weight loss.

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