How to Lose Man Boobs Fast – The Best Options Reviewed

It is very embarrassing for any man to be walking down the street and getting unwanted attention from total strangers because of their man boobs. Man boobs can develop due to a number of reasons but the most common ones are excess fat (obesity or being overweight), Gynecomastia (medical condition), or a side-effect of a medication taken.

Rduce your man boobsCertain medications like steroids can have the growth of male breasts as the side effect. You should be careful if you are taking these kinds of medicine. A male will be diagnosed with Gynecomastia if his body produces more of the female hormone estrogen when it is supposed to be producing more testosterone (male hormones). Being obese or overweight is the most common reason why males develop man breasts. This is because excess fat is accumulated in the upper torso and in time will start filling out the chest.

How do you get rid of man boobs?

You should only choose a way to get rid of your boobs depending on the cause of their growth.

Lose Weight

If your man boobs are caused by you being overweight, naturally you have to get rid of your excess fat. As you lose weight the excess fat that is causing your chest to grow breasts will shrink and look like a regular man’s chest.


A healthy diet can help you lose your male breasts. You should not include in your diet food that is rich in refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, and sugar. There are also certain numbers of food that contain estrogen-related compounds that should not be included in your diet. Drinking beer should also be avoided if you are serious about getting rid of your moobs as mentioned on

Routine Exercise

Exercises for man boobsHaving an exercise routine will be able to help you in your struggle against man boobs. Go for exercises that can target your upper torso or chest. Push-ups and bench presses are some examples of these kinds of exercise. To keep your body fit as well, doing an interval workout will really help you. You can interchangeably do a cardio workout and conditioning workout.

Herbal Supplements

Man boobs can also be done away with by taking herbal supplements. These work by decreasing the number of fatty cells in the area and making the smaller in size. Some supplements that are able to increase the rate of metabolism can also be of aid since it will make you burn fat quicker.

Doctor Recommendations

For men diagnosed with Gynecomastia, it is best that you ask your doctor for recommendations on how to go about with your condition. Your doctor can recommend to you medications that will either increase testosterone levels or decrease levels of estrogen in your body.

In some situations, the doctor might ask you to consider getting surgery to reduce your breast size. Undergoing surgery for your man boobs should only be done when nothing else seems to work. Be sure that you are aware of the risks and possible complications before undergoing this kind of surgery. Your doctor can explain all this to you.


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